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Who Hires the J Alexander Group?

Why? Because their businesses are “Teams”, so they understand and appreciate JAG’s team system. They are the ones accustomed to bringing people together who play different types of specialized roles, and know team approach to be the most productive one for complex situations - rather than having one person trying to juggle all the balls and wear all the hats. They know from their own experience that no one person can be good at everything.

Why? They quickly recognize the superiority of JAG’s sophisticated system for selling homes as quickly as possible, for top dollar. They have the background and experience to understand the power of the multi-media, multi-step system that JAG has perfected. They understand the fact that over 100,000 other real estate agents from all over the South Florida area respect JAG’s marketing system and over 100 agents - including top producers - from all over North America come to South Florida to spend a day with them to watch and learn how they can do it in their own market areas! They see, quite simply, that the J Alexander Group does more things simultaneously to get homes sold.

Why? Like the executives, they are thoroughly familiar with the benefits of a team approach. It is the way they work all the time

Why? Because JAG’s system features methods of marketing and selling their homes that minimize their involvement and inconvenience. The J Alexander Group also makes sure to filter all prospective buyers prior to visiting their listings. All buyers need to be pre-approved and that is intended to prevent “fake” showings and JAG’s goal is to limit any time wasted for their clients. Only true, qualified buyers visit their sellers homes.

Why? Most successful people have become expert in what they do, in their occupation, profession or business. They have not had the time or inclination to also become expert in finance, investments, real estate law. They do not want a rookie or a part time dabbler handling one of the most significant financial transactions of their lives. They want someone supervising every aspect of the sale of their home who is a leading authority and globally recognized expert with many years of successful experience. In short, they want the best person they can get.

Why? JAG tends to attract the client who wants it done right the first time. That’s because they sell 89% of the homes they list - compared to the average agents low 40%. If you hire the wrong agent, after week or even months go by without your home being sold, you have to get rid of that agent and start all over again with a new agent. Many sellers go through three before getting their home finally sold - and then they tend to compromise their price severely. The homeowner who is determined to get it right the first time compares JAG’s track to record to others, and make the obvious choice.

Why? At the J Alexander Group we attract clients who are in any type of service based industry. Some of our best clients are teachers, government employees, police officers, firefighters, EMTs and store clerks to name a few. They realize how important great customer service is and appreciate our team approach. With JAG they get specialized attention from beginning to end and beyond. They also love our small community feel and how although we’re a technology driven company, we still make the time to keep it intimate and personal.

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